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Renovating or building a new home is a very special experience for a homeowner. We stay with our clients throughout the whole process — understanding their needs to ensure that they are getting exactly what they want. We don’t just build homes; We are also realizing dreams. Our clients know how dedicated we are to them in order to help make this happen.

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We are very comfortable working with James Chan and his staff and appreciate and value their input and ideas. James is very accommodating with our requests for appointment meetings to discuss changes both on & off the jobsite. He and his staff have also been very accommodating and patient to our multiple requests for changes. They are all sincere, polite, courteous and trustworthy. We are comfortable working with them which is very reassuring for us.

Changes and modifications were necessary because of the extensive renovation project. The contractors were there whenever we needed to deviate from the original plans and the completed work exceeded our expectations. James Chan, with his architectural training, was valuable in conceptualizing and completing the modifications with minimal cost and disruption. We found the contractor to be very accommodating in working with us to finish our home so that we could enjoy it every day into our retirement.

James was very easy to work with and very accessible by phone or by home visit. He made things understandable and often made recommendations to positively impact our ideas and plans. The relationship between us was completed in a very friendly and family oriented atmosphere. James was upfront and honest throughout the entire process. I will definitely contact JC Building Group for our remodeling and/or building project needs.

They [JC Building Group] worked hard (6 days a week), used excellent materials, workmanship was excellent, easy to communicate my concerns to, very available via phone, able to answer most of my questions, very honest, reasonable and patient.

I would highly recommend my contractor [James Chan] to my friends. I am very pleased with the outcome of our rebuild/renovation. Not only did our contractor work within our budget, he also was very thorough, honest and had clear communication with us at all times. I am even confident that after working with him this time, I can still count of him to help us with future projects.

James is an experienced and true building professional. I am extremely pleased with his performance. I would work with him any time and look forward to working with him in future projects.