Design-Build Specialist

We take on the duo-role of a designer and the builder to see the project through all phases of design and construction within the client’s budget and timeframe. Please see Design-Build for more details.

New Homes

Building new homes for kama’aina families are the highest percentage of our work since our humble beginnings 15 years ago. We have been privileged to have had the opportunity to build many new homes across this island. Our clients’ referrals are a huge testament of their approval and confidence in our workmanship and performance. As such, they give us glowing reviews. The most rewarding part of our work is achieved when our clients express to us how happy they are once their homes are complete. A dream home is something that can be a reality with us. Please check our past client listing that includes their personal testimonials.

Multi-Generation Living Spaces

Land in Hawaii is “shrinking”. Developers are building “up” while families are expanding current homes for multi-generational use. This is where we can help. We specialize in assisting families with young adults, for example, who may be unable to afford their own home. We are well versed in the building codes, as well as creative and knowledgeable over potential opportunities available to be able to achieve successful new additions and/or modifications. We have experience with building additions that out-measure existing homes as well. We have first-hand experience dealing with Ohana zoning and Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs). Our experience in this particular area will no doubt help many families realize the potential of their existing properties.

Accessibility Modifications

We modify existing homes to suit the needs of the elderly and/or occupants with disabilities.  We also work with clients who desire or need to simplify their lives by widening hallways, adding ramps, and utilizing door handles for ease of use such as selecting level type versus round knobs, etc.

In fact, the concept of “aging in place” is a common concern for many of our clients.  We are experienced in successfully delivering on this concept so that homeowners can also “grow into their homes” and continue to feel confident remaining in a safe and comfortable environment well into retirement and beyond.


We address complete renovations of existing homes, or room renovations, including kitchen and bath, etc., but we do them all. We are able to assist clients along the way by providing valuable input with their design and/or building specifications, as we are experts in this area. We work on the plans and can also complete the planning and permitting process for our clients.


We specialize in CPR for new development projects. We are experienced in developing larger properties with multiple dwellings and can assist clients through the complicated process of dividing it for resale.

Construction Management

We offer comprehensive construction management. We possess the “know-how” to manage any project on a third-party basis for clients who simply require another “set of eyes.”